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Jasmine You

Always is hard try to understand why the live is as it is, 
sometimes our hearts are full and we feel at firsthand 
the happiness.

Those are the moment we must never forget, that 
sensation that we felt when we look at the past and 
in our present we are able to smile and brink back 
to life the happy moment we had.

The music makes me feel something like this, 
yearning for past things, nostalgia, some day I was 
happy to watch his goals and dreams coming true, 
in a past day I remember his birthday and I wished 
to him something nice.

Is incredibly this felling, I’m grateful to have had 
the opportunity of have felt all that, at the right moment, 
of having enjoyed, but is impossible to avoid feeling 
longing because all that isn’t anymore today.

Because I will never forget your lovely face,
Your cute personality and beautiful pressence.

Versailles on bass, Jasmine You!!

Forever a eternal member,

In our hearts.

March 8, 1979 – August 9, 2009

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