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I love every moment of my life, I enjoy so much to look and just appreciate, than talk. I appreciate to much the simple beauty But I relish the sumptuousness, elegance and superficial beauty. I'm boring until you really know my true self! (I'm a perv!!!)



らくがきしてみました。まだ色々不明ですが刈り上げ…?ツーブロとか描くの好きなのできになります… 鮫柄ジャー着せちゃったけど違ったらゆるして


らくがきしてみました。まだ色々不明ですが刈り上げ…?ツーブロとか描くの好きなのできになります… 鮫柄ジャー着せちゃったけど違ったらゆるして


I basically trust anything that comes from Cleveland clinic. Especially after spending lengthy periods of time there. It is actually where I heard about my favorite salad. Kale, spinach, wild rice, cucumber, pomegranate (mandarin oranges are good too) chicken, slivered almonds and half a lemon squeezed over the top.

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me waking up late to school


me in my first class


me in math


when a teacher asks me a question


when texting during class


when I get a pop-quiz


during quiz


last class


bell rings


conclusion I am Levi.

we are all levi

everyone is levi

Soo Sunny Park (b. Seoul, Korea) - Unwoven Light at Rice University’s Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. Composed of 37 individual sculptural units, the installation uses iridescent plexi-glass embedded in pieces of a chain link fence to cast shimmering, colorful reflections across the spacious gallery. 

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It’s really hard to take a badass photo from the gym with Marco, isn’t it, Jean? PoorlovestruckJesus.
Modern college AU inPolandmwahahaha!I’m so sorry, Hannah, I really wanted to draw those two in dormitory kitchen, but something went wrong. ‘xD 


It’s really hard to take a badass photo from the gym with Marco, isn’t it, Jean? 

Modern college AU inPolandmwahahaha!
I’m so sorry, Hannah, I really wanted to draw those two in dormitory kitchen, but something went wrong. ‘xD 



Anime Japan 2014
HQ photos of the Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary Stand

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Photos by dbgt


If you share or edit these, PLEASE give the proper credits. It’s hard enough to have high-res photos of anything these days and it’s very uncool to just ignore the person who went through the trouble of taking these at the event and sharing them.

POR FAVOR den los créditos pertinentes si comparten o editan esto. Ya es suficientemente difícil tener fotos de alta resolución de cualquier cosa estos días y es muy poco cool cuando se ignora a quien se tomó la molestia de tomar las fotos en el evento y compartirlas.

aphrodite and camus got some powerful sameface going on in that side by side shot…dang


Let’s talk about this scene a bit.

Maybe I’m reaching, but do you ever think Kaworu was surprised by the suggestion and Shinji’s interest in the stars because they’re so commonplace to him, simply a home to him? After all, he is an Angel, a child not of this Earth but of the greater universe. To Kaworu, asking to watch the stars might be like someone asking to watch your house from the lawn.

Up until now he’s been interested almost exclusively in Lilin (human) culture because he isn’t quite one of them, so hearing Shinji express interest in something of Kaworu’s, so to speak, initially takes him slightly aback. He has a sort of Shinji-esque why-would-anyone-be-interested-in-me moment, but once he hears Shinji describe how much gazing at the stars calms him down, he’s filled with a pleasure never felt before.

Shinji is inadvertently talking about him.

And in that moment he realizes Shinji is the key to his humanity, to bring him down to Earth.

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